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Homeschool Enrichment
Micro-school Program

Pencil & Dirt is a Homeschool Enrichment/ Micro school program in Fountain Inn, SC.  We keep our program relatively small to make sure all our little learners can get the attention they need.  Our program is designed to bring out creativity, curiosity, and movement.  We follow a curriculum that includes nature based learning mixed with hands on exploration and creativity.  We also include age appropriate reading, writing, math, science and social studies according to South Carolina standards.  Our program is currently designed for ages 5-11 or grades K-5.



Building a Robot

Included Subject/Activities

Below is a list of some of the subjects and activities we include in our program

Arts and Crafts Class

Arts & Crafts

We explore various art media including drawing, watercolor, textured art, clay, pastels and more!

Kids Gardening

Gardening & Food

We learn about healthy food choices, fresh foods, and how food impacts our bodies.  Students get to plant and watch their seeds become healthy food which we eventually use to create a healthy snack.

Kids Playing Outside

Physical Activity

We explore different sports and games and keep our kids moving through play.  

Music Class


Children explore different instruments, tones, and beats.  Piano classes are included where children learn notes, and simple songs on the piano.

Technology Class


Children participate in building and stem learning of various sorts.

Gardening Lesson

Hands on Learning Indoor/Outdoor

Our school is focused on hands on learning. We use various manipulatives to help our students learn.  We also learn by outdoor nature based learning.

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